Access Solutions


Ceiling lifts are the ideal solution to assist in lifting and transferring a patient with mobility challenges and where space is limited.

Benefits of Ceiling Lifts:

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Less space required to operate than floor lifts
  • Less obtrusive for patients
  • Always available for use
  • No storage requirements


At 12lb/(5.45kg) the portable track lift is the lightest lift in the market.
Not only it is easy to carry and store, but with a lifting capacity of 440lb /(200kg) it's in a class of its own. The 24-volt battery pack can be recharged in less than 2 hours.
It comes with a unique feature called the "Quick Releaser". Combine with our reacher it becomes a user-friendly option which swiftly disengages the strap for easy, safe and quick suspension and removal of the lift.


The fixed celing lift is the ideal solution to assist in lifting and transferring patients challenged by a mobility impairment.

As a caregiver you face numerous challenges throughout the day. Safely lifting and transferring patients shouldn't be a strain on your back.

With help from a fixed ceiling lift you will perform safely and effortlessly transfers of patients from a chair to the bed, the bed to a chair, into the bathtub or to the toilet.

Powered by a high capacity rechargeable battery pack, the lift does all the work.  Using our optional return to charge feature the lift will recharge the batteries and be ready for the next transfer assist.



The wheelchair lift is an interior/exterior vertical lift used primarily for lifting persons from the ground level up to the main floor of their home and to provide access to public buildings. It is designed to meet U.S. and Canadian safety standards and can easily be adapted to various situations.

Benefits of Wheelchair Lifts:

  • Unit is completely pre-wired, plugs into 110V/15A wall outlet
  • 3 Simple components allow for easy installation
  • Ships as one compact package