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(sometimes called a chair lift, stair lift or stair climber)

Stair glides are the perfect, affordable solution to mobility issues with your stairs, making your whole home accessible again.

Stair glides can take you up and down your stairs effortlessly in safety and comfort, like a personal elevator for your stairs. Once again you can enjoy your whole home again. Not simply for the handicapped, stair glides are a great solution for anyone who finds difficulty using the staircase.

Our stair glides are perfectly safe, totally reliable and easy to use. They are the perfect solution to difficulties you, or your loved ones may be having using the stairs. Stair glides help people to stay in the home they love.

Straight Stair Glides

Glide_1a Glide_1b Glide_1c

The slim design allows for minimal obstruction on the stairs, allowing others to use the staircase freely when the lift is folded. The stair glide will blend into your home, and the smooth start and start allows you to glide effortlessly up and down the stairs without any discomfort.

At Access Solutions safety is not an option. All of our stair lifts come standard with everything to ensure that you are safe and comfortable. Years of research have gone into making these stairlifts one of the safest stair lifts available today. All that we offer to you is peace of mind.

Curved Stair Glides


Curved stair glides come with all the comfort and safety features that you'd expect from normal stair glides, and due to its revolutionary modular design, means that you don't have to wait to be able to use your stairs safely again

As comfortable and reliable as a straight stair glide, the curvedglideis designed for more complex staircases.
With a wrap around feature at the bottom of your stairs, the curved stair lift can tuck away, allowing others to use the staircase, and keeps the chair cleanly out of the way. The curved stair glide even has the ability to travel down a hallway, allowing a shorter transfer distance between the stair glide and your bedroom or restrooms.


Platform_1 Platform_2 Platform_3

Inclined platform lifts are designed to provide access over straight-run stairs in commercial or public settings. The lift carries a person in a wheelchair up or down a flight of constant gradient stairs safely. The lift travels along a rail system which is mounted on stanchions or a side wall. Without major renovations, the platform lift can be installed to provide ADA-compliant access when an elevator or vertical lift are not viable options due to cost or space limitations.

These platform lifts also fold up when not in use, allowing full use of the stairs.  Simple to operate, the lift can also accommodate a mobility-reduced person on the folding seat.  Public building ready, the lift also includes a pedestrian warning light and audio to warn others when the lift is in operation.  

With its pleasing design, the platform lift delivers access on demand and harmonizes with your architecture.